How a Great Teammate Handles Failure

The stats don’t lie: baseball is a game of failure! That means that not only will you fail, but so will your

Take Good Care of Those Arms!

Recent changes to the UIL regulations stipulate pitch counts that are certainly beneficial to players and the health of their arms. With

The Journey Through Little League Baseball

When starting baseball, kids almost always begin with teeball in little league. The main objective of teeball is to learn the rules

Making the Game of Baseball about Positive Outcomes, Part 1

Baseball can be such an amazing and rewarding game. It can lead to great memories, lasting friendships, important life lessons, and if

Fostering Accurate Baseball Showcase Expectations

Expectations are a funny thing. Both having them and not having them can bring a whole host of emotions you're not prepared

Setting Expectations for High School Baseball

Most young ballplayers dream of playing at the major league level someday. Unfortunately, baseball comes to an end much quicker than most

TRPD Celebrates Baseball Players Signed to College Teams

We have had a lot of excitement these past few months at TRPD as the following players have signed with college teams:

TRPD Encourages our Baseball Players to have a Growth Mindset versus a Fixed Mindset

Think about your intelligence, talents and personality. Do you believe that you were born with these traits or are you able to

TRPD Now Offers a Fundamentals of Hitting Course

No matter their age or ability, Trent Reynolds Player Development can help your player achieve their baseball goals. For youth, high school

TRPD Elite Teams: Player Growth Trumps Winning

Everyone wants their team to win. It's part of the competitive nature of the game. Therefore, it's hard to emphasize that winning