Matthew F. – College Recruitment Program

I have to give a glowing review/testimonial.

TRPD spent quality time getting to know my son and evaluating his skill set. Their knowledge of baseball convinced us that this was the right choice to help us get our son seen by colleges and recruited.

Thank you Trent Reynolds for offering such a great service to the Lake Travis community. It try helps the under-recruited get looks. Next he will be making visits to the schools!

I highly recommend any kid wanting to play college baseball to talk with TRPD.

Daniel W. – Commit To Hit™ Program Graduate

Daniel Werner is a Freshman at Bowie High and a TRPD Commit to HitTMgraduate. Yesterday was his first at bat as a Bulldog. In typical TRPD fashion he hit a double over the left fielder! What a great way to start his High School career!

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Nick B. – TRPD Player

Thank you Trent for all of the time and effort you have spent working with Nick to allow this moment to happen!! We are truly grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of the TRPD family.

Brad W. – 7 Year old Commit To Hit™ Process Graduate

My son (7 yrs old) went through the Commit to HitTMProcess. I was apprehensive with him being so young. Justin was great with him. He was able to make it fun for him and break the swing down for him in terms he could understand.

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Trey A. – TRPD Player

Our investment in Trey’s batting skills is paying off! He just hit an over the fence home run with the TRPD 18U summer team at the Mary Hardin Baylor Tourney. So proud of you Trey-boo! Thanks Trent with TRPD! Pic of Trey Munn and the HOME RUN BALL!

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Josh W. – Commit To Hit™ Process Graduate

Last spring, my son was typically the #9 hitter on his team. This summer, after two months of Commit To Hitᵀᴹ Process, his coach had him hitting 3rd.

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Charles W.

Although my son has not gone through the Commit To Hitᵀᴹ Process, we have worked with Trent on separate occasions using his video swing analysis program.

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Otto F. – 11U Player

Thanks so much for hanging in there with Otto and his pitching yesterday. We know he needs to work on his consistency and in game situations I think he gets nervous. Your Skittles idea was perfect!

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Caleb M. – 11U Player

We were thrilled! We had a lot of fun, my dad loved watching the team and Caleb of course and most importantly Caleb had a blast! He is really enjoying the season so far! I thought the parents of our players were awesome and did not hear one negative thing. The kids did the same!

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Kragen K. – Select Player

“Others told me that my son was one of the best hitters on the field that day. He did the work and is now enjoying the benefits of his commitment. The difference in his confidence and results is unbelievable and we all look forward to his future with excitement.”

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Brennon V. – High School & Select Player

“For the very first time, we saw our son hit the baseball over the 285 foot fence. Before I could think, it’s only a fluke, he hit another one!”

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Evan B. – 10-11 year old All-Star and Select player

“What an amazing change! He hit his first over-the-fence home run in a before-season scrimmage, then hit another during the season. He was loving the game again. I’m convinced that Trent has made a huge difference in his possibilities of playing high school, college, and maybe even pro baseball. I believe that his program teaches kids to hit a baseball in the most powerful way possible.”

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Charlie D. – Committed to 2011 National Champions Oklahoma Wesleyan University

“Charlie was hitting balls harder and farther than any boy on the field and for the first time in his life was hitting home runs.”

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Steven H. – Students show quick signs of progress

Steven started playing for TRPD last May. In less than a year, he has learned so much from Trent, Justin and Scott. He has improved his hitting (now most of his hits are line drives to the fence), pitching and fielding skills.

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Tim S. – 6 year old plays well above his age

I have a 6 year old son that I elected to have play up in a 7-8 year old coach pitch league this spring. His age dictated that he play t-ball again, but I thought it was time to move him up. Due to his age and size (he is not a big 6 year old) I was a bit nervous about his ability to compete with the older, bigger kids so I took him to see Justin at TRPD.

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Kellen V. – 18u Player hits 3rd home run

Kellan Vanschalkwyk hitting his 3rd home run of the summer for our 18u team. He is 14!!!!

Helping great players become great men.