I have to give a glowing review/testimonial.
TRPD spent quality time getting to know my son and evaluating his skill set. Their knowledge of baseball convinced us that this was the right choice to help us get our son seen by colleges and recruited.
Thank you Trent Reynolds for offering such a great service to the Lake Travis community. It try helps the under-recruited get looks. Next he will be making visits to the schools!
I highly recommend any kid wanting to play college baseball to talk with TRPD.
Matthew F.
College Recruitment Program
Daniel Werner is a Freshman at Bowie High and a TRPD Commit to HitTMgraduate. Yesterday was his first at bat as a Bulldog. In typical TRPD fashion he hit a double over the left fielder! What a great way to start his High School career!
Dennis Werner (Father)
Commit To Hit™ Program Graduate
Thank you Trent for all of the time and effort you have spent working with Nick to allow this moment to happen!! We are truly grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of the TRPD family.
Nick B.
TRPD Player
My son (7 yrs old) went through the Commit to HitTMProcess. I was apprehensive with him being so young. Justin was great with him. He was able to make it fun for him and break the swing down for him in terms he could understand.
We started this process a few weeks before spring ball started and really didn’t wrap it up until June. The whole process took longer than expected, but Justin stayed patient and committed. I never felt TRPD was trying to move him along just to move him along, which I appreciated.
At the beginning of the season, my son was a singles hitter. His swing progressively got better, but his hitting really took a leap forward when we moved to live pitching after several months of drills, swing development and soft toss. My son had his ups and downs, but by mid-season, he was hitting lead-off. At the end of the season, he was hitting with power.
In June, his 7u team went to Houston and won the Nation’s Baseball South Zone State Championship where he went 18-20 with 6 doubles and 5 triples (remember this is coach pitch).
Overall, I am glad my son went through this process. His swing looks good, and he is hitting the ball very well and with power. It was a lot of work and a huge time commitment, but it was good for him to set goals, practice for 45-60 minutes a day on his swing, and see results. He learned that hard work pays off, which is an invaluable lesson.
Ben W. (Father)
7 Year old Commit To Hit™ Process Graduate
Our investment in Trey’s batting skills is paying off! He just hit an over the fence home run with the TRPD 18U summer team at the Mary Hardin Baylor Tourney. So proud of you Trey-boo! Thanks Trent with TRPD! Pic of Trey Munn and the HOME RUN BALL!
Denise Wray Armstrong, Mother of Trey
TRPD Player
Last spring, my son was typically the #9 hitter on his team. This summer, after two months of Commit To Hit, his coach had him hitting 3rd.
Recently, we went out to a field for a round of BP and he hit a HR for the first time in his life. I asked where he was going to hit the next one and he said “off the scoreboard in CF.” Next pitch, SCOREBOARD! We’re not even through the program yet and I can’t say enough about how effective this process is for someone that is committed to improving.
Jeffrey W. (Father)
Commit To Hit™ Process Graduate
Although my son has not gone through the Commit To Hitᵀᴹ Process, we have worked with Trent on separate occasions using his video swing analysis program.
We first worked with Trent when my son was 5 and then again at 6. Trent is an amazing instructor and has my son engaged each session. Trent provided us with drills to work on which have really helped. We’ll be working with Justin and Trent soon on the Commit To Hitᵀᴹ Process in the near future.
Charles W.
Thanks so much for hanging in there with Otto and his pitching yesterday. We know he needs to work on his consistency and in game situations I think he gets nervous. Your Skittles idea was perfect! It made it more about you and him instead of the batter. He has never pitched a whole game before. He only pitched 2-3 times last season and only for an inning or so. He really enjoys it and wants to do it more often.
I also wanted to mention that I’ve seen multiple coaches on two occasions help Otto personally. He talked to him about keeping both hands on the bat and explained to him that his swing would be more powerful if he did so. He really took the time to explain it to him in a way that made sense to him.
Paul and I are so happy that Otto is in the TRPD program. We are continuously impressed by you and your team.
Mother of Otto F.
TRPD Player
We were thrilled! We had a lot of fun, my dad loved watching the team and Caleb of course and most importantly Caleb had a blast! He is really enjoying the season so far! I thought the parents of our players were awesome and did not hear one negative thing. The kids did the same!
Most of all I LOVE the fact that each kid is held responsible for what they do, if they over throw they have to go and get the ball, if they argue with the coach or do not listen it’s push ups or running, and (I heard this first hand while taking pictures by our dug out) there are no negative comments etc….from the players.
One boy on Sunday made the comment of all right, 2 more runs and we are done, we can go home.  Coach heard it and the boy was talked to about it in a firm way but very positive and got his point across!  I was thrilled!  I just think that is the greatest thing y’all can do, because no one likes a kid that has no respect for coach’s, teammates, other teams or parents. I really admire y’all for doing that! There are coach’s out there that say they will do that, but never follow through with it!
We just think what TRPD is all about is pretty great! Caleb will be on TRPD teams as long as y’all will have him!
Mother of Caleb M.
TRPD Player
My son’s hitting had been less than stellar for so long that I had become very good at making excuses to his coaches for his poor hitting. When Kragen would try out for a select team I would stress to the coach that although my son’s hitting was a weakness, his defensive skills more than made up for this shortfall
Kragen’s Swing: Then Kragen graduated from TRPD’s Commit to HitTMProcess™. A few weeks later Kragen was trying out for a one of the top select teams in Dallas. As was my habit, I warned the coach that Kragen was not the best hitter but was an outstanding defenseman in the hopes that he might accept Kragen despite his lack of offensive skills.
After Kragen hit the coach was surprised and jokingly accused me of “slow rolling” him. He told me that my son was one of the best hitters on the field that day. This was strong verification that Kragen’s new swing mechanics were not only making him a much better hitter, but were making him noticeable by those who know good baseball skills.
Kragen is hitting today like he has never hit before. This summer he hit his first home run which was a game ending walk-off. It was so exciting for him, and the next day he hit another home run in the same national tournament. We could not be more pleased with the results he is getting.  With his new swing mechanics the type of hits he is getting have changed tremendously as well. Since completing the TRPD hitting program line drives and soaring fly balls have replaced bloopers and ground balls.
Beyond his new hitting prowess, my son has learned from Trent and the TRPD hitting program the value of hard work. This program is what it says it is… intensive; and Kragen had to commit to something that required dedication and hard work if the results were to be realized. He did the work and is now enjoying the benefits of his commitment.
Before working with Trent, I was making excuses for my son’s lack of skill. Today, Kragen and I understand that his problem was not lack of skill, but lack of proper, professional instruction, something that only TRPD offers youth players in our area. Trent has given Kragen the swing to compliment the glove and arm. The difference in his confidence and results is unbelievable and we all look forward to his future with excitement.
In my humble opinion, Trent is not charging enough for his program. When I consider the dramatic improvement in skills that my son has acquired, the attention his swing is getting from parents and coaches, the joy of watching him hit home runs, and the life lessons that he has experienced, I got way more than my money’s worth out of this program.
Jamie K.,
Kragen K’s father
TRPD Player
There is nothing that we could have done for Charlie, not any hitting lessons, baseball club memberships, or select teams, which can come remotely close to being as valuable as the professional instruction and mentorship that he has received from TRPD. The question that I have for every parent is, if your player wants to play at the next level, whether it’s high school, college or the pros, don’t professional hitting instruction make sense? It did to us and now Charlie is anticipating multiple scholarship opportunities and well on his way to living his dream of playing professional baseball.
Cort D., Charlie’s Father
Oklahoma Wesleyan University Commit
Steven started playing for TRPD last May. In less than a year, he has learned so much from Trent, Justin and Scott. He has improved his hitting (now most of his hits are line drives to the fence), pitching and fielding skills.
As a parent, it’s wonderful watching Steven take the field with confidence in himself. Besides becoming a better baseball player, Trent, Justin and Scott are wonderful mentors to Steven as he moves into the next phase of his life. Steven’s senior picture represents the impact you have made in his life.
Sandy H., Mother of Steven
TRPD Player
I have a 6 year old son that I elected to have play up in a 7-8 year old coach pitch league this spring. His age dictated that he play t-ball again, but I thought it was time to move him up. Due to his age and size (he is not a big 6 year old) I was a bit nervous about his ability to compete with the older, bigger kids so I took him to see Justin at TRPD.
We were able to participate in three, 1 hour sessions with Justin prior to the league assessments which included 170 kids. After completing the assessment, we learned that my son ended up assessing 5th overall in hitting out of 170 kids that were all 1-2 years older. At this age, we all know that there is a significant difference in size and coordination between a 6 year old and an 8 year old. As Justin would say, he was a BEAST!
Needless to say, I am very impressed with my son’s results and would highly recommend Justin to anyone that’s serious about maximizing hitting performance.
Timothy S., Father of Tim
Select Player
Kellan Vanschalkwyk hitting his 3rd home run of the summer for our 18u team. He is 14!!!!
Kellan V
High School Player

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