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Baseball is for a season, character is for a lifetime

At TRPD, we believe that character and player development are the most important things we can focus on. We teach players how to self-evaluate so they can coach themselves. Each and every player is in an environment where they are free to learn any and all positions that make sense for them as they continue their baseball journey.

Our approach is to create a positive growth-minded environment with the player’s best interest in mind. Every success and every mistake is seen as a learning opportunity with the long-term development of the player as the priority.

Most importantly, we teach parents to focus on what kind of man their son will be when he is 23, not just what kind of baseball player  he becomes. We teach parents and players how to build a healthy relationship that will last well beyond the end of their baseball career.


The Three Keys To Success


Developing character is key to our process and the most valuable service we provide. Inside our teams, we teach players how to treat everybody with respect. We also teach them that nothing is given to you in life, and you have to earn your time and opportunities. With our system, players know that where they play and where they hit in the lineup is in their control based on their performance and how hard they work. During private instruction, we teach players the value of working hard to accomplish what you want. We teach parents and players alike that who you become through baseball, and the relationships you build is way more important than how good of a baseball player you are.

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Teaching the fundamentals of baseball is what we provide for every player. This is true from our hitting instruction that builds a professional swing, to our focus on pitching and fielding mechanics, to our catching preparation. We also have a repository of videos that players and parents can review to make sure they are reinforcing the correct habits. Beyond that, we place a high focus on Baseball IQ.
It is important for our players to understand where to be on all plays, think ahead about the situation, and to understand multiple positions. Being ready offensively, defensively, and out thinking the opponent is something our students take pride in.

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Players are asked to track their work outside of regular practice. As players get older, we require them to manage their emails properly, respond to text messages, and communicate availability to coaches. We require players to have conversations with their coach directly as to their current progress and playing time. This teaches them how to communicate effectively with adults and advocate for themselves. These life skills provide benefit to each player as they enter high school and continue to stay with them whenever their baseball career is over.

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