TRPD Now Offers a Fundamentals of Hitting Course

fundamentals of hittingNo matter their age or ability, Trent Reynolds Player Development can help your player achieve their baseball goals. For youth, high school and college players, our Commit to Hitᵀᴹ Process is a unique program that offers improvement in the attributes coaches want most—hitting for average and hitting for power. For players that are too young or don’t have the time for our Commit to Hitᵀᴹ process, our Crash Course program teaches players and their parents to be their own hitting coach. Players can experience the joy of great hitting while increasing their confidence with individual swing tune-ups. Finally, we’d like to introduce our Fundamentals of Hitting course, designed for players of all ages that would like to learn the fundamentals of baseball that will impact their hitting now and going forward.

Over a four session period, the Fundamentals of Hitting course helps players build the fundamentals of baseball; how to hold the bat, how to stand in the box, how and when to swing, how to use visual time cues and most importantly, how increased effort will increase performance.

Each session is built to teach a different skill to the player:

Session One: How to Swing Hard and Accountability

The goal of this session is to establish a purpose and give each player a reason to be driven. We want each player to understand how to unlock their inner aggression, and show them how they can use it every time. Once the skill is established, we introduce accountability. By utilizing things that we can easily control, each player can see first hand that they are in control of their actions.

Session Two: Stance & Striding

Session two teaches players the process of batting. This allows us to create consistency for players in the batter’s box. We focus on what your player should do before they enter the box; where to stand in the box, how to stand in the box, and how to maximize swing effectiveness. Next, they learn to watch the ball come out of the pitcher’s hand, track the pitch and finally time their load accordingly so there is no more guessing when to swing.

Session Three: How to Use Your Legs

In this session, we walk through the process of learning how to get the most out of our legs. Most kids do not understand that their legs are critically important to create power. Therefore we teach each player to use their hips and knees together to increase torque and power through the hitting zone.

Session Four: Review and Swing Tune-Up

In our final session, we start with a complete review of the skills learned in sessions one, two and three. We then begin to focus on an area the player feels they would like assistance in, and provide a video as well as drills detailing how to address the limiting area.


If you or your player are interested in our Fundamentals of Hitting course, please contact Coach Justin Fultz for more information: [email protected] or 512.970.8955.

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