TRPD’s GUARANTEED Path to College Recruitment

The typical pathway to college baseball is flawed for most players

The truth is most players don’t play in college not because of a lack of talent, but because of bad information, improper expectations of the best route, and a reliance on chance at showcases to get noticed. Showcases are the typical method of displaying baseball skills to recruiters. The problem is that showcases don’t help 90% of the players who attend them. Because your player will only have one time in his life and one chance to be recruited, wouldn’t you want to take the route that can guarantee results? TRPD has a better way that will guarantee that your player will find the right college to fit his needs academically, athletically, socially, and financially. Every player that has truly had the desire and was willing to put in the work has gotten an opportunity to play at the next level with us. Give us a call today to find out how. 512-413-4466

TRPD Alumni in College

Isaac Beeler
University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point – 2023
Luke Blankenship
Springhill College – 2023
Nathan Duvall
Arlington Baptist – 2023
Mason Cuchia
Eastern New Mexico University – 2023
Aiden Boyles
Geneva College – 2023
Noah Gonzales
Geneva College – 2023
Grant Williams
Sterling College – 2022
Mike Lustina
Trinity University – 2021
Landon Myhill
East Texas Baptist University – 2021
Booga De La Garza
Wichita State University – 2021
Kyle Rader
Garden City Community College – 2021
Tait Joynt
Hill Junior College – 2021
Cooper Anderson

Concordia University – 2020
Otto Franz
Concordia University – 2020
Thomas Houle
Concordia University – 2020
Chase Samuels
Haverford College – 2020
Peter Dyar
University Of Texas Dallas – 2020
Ian Cox
Odessa Junior College – 2019
Nick Powers
Southwestern University – 2019

Gage Hemmann
Blackburn College – 2019
Kellan VansChalkwyk
Southwestern University – 2019
Chandler Freeman
Dallas Baptist University – 2019
Wesley Flatt
Oklahoma Baptist University – 2019
Evan Sparks
Centralia College – 2019
Ryan Fiala
Centralia College – 2019
Bailey Sandoval
McMurry University – 2019
Riley Sebby
Houghton College – 2018
Grant Gaspard

Georgia Tech University – 2018
Chad Herrera
Crown College – 2018
Brendan Emmerich
Cornerstone University – 2017
Sean Bowman
Temple Junior College – 2017
Andrew Noack
Oglethorpe University – 2017
Michael Dietrich
Belhaven University – 2017
Nolan Tenpas
Texas Lutheran university – 2017
Isaac Segura
Rhodes College – 2017
Ian Towle
Southwestern University – 2017
Gabe Garvens
Colorado School of Mines – 2017
Kyle Cronk
University of Pennsylvania – 2017

Jacob Dauer
Cloud County CC – 2017
Thomas Jensen
Wayland Baptist University – 2016
Kayne Gonzalez
Sam Houston State University – 2016
Tanner Looney
University of Colorado – 2016
Jake LaBerge
Bethany Lutheran University – 2016
Rudy Gaona

Young Harris – 2016
Nick Rucker
Wayland Baptist University – 2016
Nick Balley
University of California San Diego – 2015
Blake Thomas
Houston Baptist University – 2015
University of Texas Pan Am – 2013
Noah Foreman
Garden City Community College – 2015
Andrew Wilczynski
Cumberland University – 2015
David Salaiz
Blackburn College – 2015
Manuel Saldana
Delaware Tech College – 2015
Brandon Burich
Wayland Baptist Univeristy – 2015
Coleman Kvapil
Trinity University – 2015
Ryan King
Bellhaven University – 2015
Nick Rucker
Bellhaven University – 2015
Calvin Bush
Texas State University – 2015

David Nitsche
Mountain View College – 2015
Gyles Greenfield
Concordia University – 2014
Noah Clarkson

McMurry University – 2014
Michael Milner
St. Edwards University – 2015
Ranger Junior College – 2012
Ben Cherry
Ellsworth Community College – 2014
Jake Moore
Southwestern University – 2014
Brendan McGuigan
University of Richmond – 2014
Trey Munn
Huston-Tillotson University – 2013
Alec Larez
Huston-Tillotson University – 2013
JT Vinson
Huston-Tillotson University – 2013
Brennon Veazey
Huston-Tillotson University -2013
Landon Lau
Concordia University Austin- 2013
Eric Chappell
William Jewel University – 2013
Alan Toscano
Claremont-Mudd-Scripps – 2013
Colton Childress
Howard College -2013
Dalton Holm
Wesleyan University – 2012
Charlie Dial
Oklahoma Wesleyan University – 2011

Save Money

In the typical route, thousands of dollars are spent chasing showcases. Registration fees range from $100-$300, hotel fees, travel and eating costs can add up to $750 per showcase attended. This isn’t including the weeklong showcases that cost $1000 in registration alone, or the money and time spent with select teams traveling to attend team showcases. With our proven route, you can skip all of that and only spend money traveling to schools you know are interested.

What Type of Player are you?

We have found that there are 3 types of players when it comes to college. Those that want to play no matter what, those that have a degree plan or type of school in mind, and those that will play if a few select schools they are interested in have a spot. Spending the time to think about what you really want before you start chasing the wrong dream can save countless hours, heartache, and money. Want to know which one you are? Let us help you!

Ask those that have done it before

In order to give you the best answer to what works and what doesn’t, find a parent who has a son who has graduated. They will be able to help you sort through the myths and exaggerations to help you make the most of this one chance you have. If you would like to talk to any of our past parents, we can assist there as well. Here is what a parent from Lake Travis High school had to say recently:

“This was the best money we spent during his high school baseball career. More came from this than going to PG events in Georgia and Atlanta years running. If you are serious about your son playing in college, do yourself a favor, and get started as soon as you can.”

All payments made to TRPD are non-refundable