Take Good Care of Those Arms!

Recent changes to the UIL regulations stipulate pitch counts that are certainly beneficial to players and the health of their arms. With all the injuries that have been happening in the Majors and the number of players who have had to have Tommy John surgery, this emphasizes the importance of good arm care being integrated into any pitcher’s training regime.

At TRPD we really want to make sure that your kids know how to take care of their arms themselves. We stress how to warm up properly, how to take care of your arm after the game, and all the recovery work they should be doing in between.

Over the years that we have been fortunate to learn a lot about the best programs available, and we have devised an arm care process that we advise all players to do, not only to increase velocity, but also to increase their overall arm health.

Since we’ve been doing this, we have seen great results. Not only have kids been able to go longer in games without showing obvious signs of fatigue, they’ve also been throwing harder, and, more importantly, they’ve getting hurt less.

We really encourage any parents to do their research about the different programs that are available for their kids. At the end of the day however it’s really up to the players themselves to make sure they don’t throw too many pitches during a game, and are doing the working in between games to maintain good arm health throughout the year, and are always thinking about ways

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