TRPD Elite Teams: Player Growth Trumps Winning

10U TRPD team shaking hands - Player GrowthEveryone wants their team to win. It’s part of the competitive nature of the game. Therefore, it’s hard to emphasize that winning isn’t everything when training baseball players.

Our elite teams are designed to develop our players into exceptionally skilled and impactful players. We accomplish this by providing players the following opportunities:

  • the opportunity to challenge, test and improve their skills in a competitive environment
  • opportunity to earn equal playing time and with a focus on playing more than one position to increase versatility
  • coaches who are well versed in our advanced hitting,pitching, and coaching philosophy

TRPD elite teams focus on the long-term growth of each player. We believe that at the end of the day, winning and losing doesn’t matter to the success of learning. As a result, playing time is based on reaching standards we set for each position, and continued development throughout the year. Instead of looking for the best player for a certain position to field the best possible team, our goal is to help all our players spend time at positions that increase their chances of playing and enjoying baseball longer. This affords each player the opportunity to learn something new during each game. While we do consider ourselves competitive, our players’ growth on and off the field matter more to us than a win.

To find success with a TRPD team, no matter what a player’s goals are (i.e. to play professional college or to have fun on his high school team), they must keep these two things in mind:
You must be willing to work harder than you think to attain your desired goal. If you’re putting forth the same amount of effort that everyone else is, you will never stand out.
Make sure you focus on the little things. There is a huge amount of attention to detail in baseball. Focus on your warm-up, your on deck prep, how you handle failure, and everything in-between, because each detail matters.

Learn more about our elite development teams. If you or your player are interested, please contact Trent Reynolds at [email protected].

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