Fostering Accurate Baseball Showcase Expectations

fosteringaccurateshowcaseexpectationsExpectations are a funny thing. Both having them and not having them can bring a whole host of emotions you’re not prepared for. This is why it is important to be prepared with the correct expectations. Below, Trent Reynolds shares insights parents and players should possess while forming showcase expectations. Review Part 1 before reading Part 2.

You will probably begin to hear a lot about showcases, if you have not yet. Showcases are events that allow student-athletes to show off their baseball skills. But, unlike elite baseball programs or camp, there is not instruction or teaching involved.

For 90-95% of players that attend showcases, they are not effective. This is due to the even-keeled talent pool that makes it hard for players to truly show off their skills. Most players end up getting lost in a sea of other players hoping to be discovered by a college or league team. Showcases are best for players who are throwing 90mph+, guys running 6.7 60s or faster, or huge players hitting balls off or over the fence. If your player does not fit this profile, showcases may not be the best place for them to show off their skills to recruiters.

Many training programs use showcases as a carrot to tempt parents to sign their children up. By doing so, they spend large amounts of time traveling and little time practicing. This leaves players with little improvements from where they started as little practice has taken place.

All this is to say, don’t play for a team or give somebody your money because of the allure of college. Play because you know they will take care of your player and want to help him improve. Otherwise, you risk becoming a paycheck. There are organizations out there doing things the right way, it’s just important for you to ask the right questions to be certain.

The above thoughts are from a meeting Trent Reynolds held on March 29th with TRPD’s current 14U team to explain what expectations parents and players should possess. If you have any questions or any of these topics require further explanation, please contact [email protected].

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