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If you or your player are interested in our hitting instruction, please contact us to set up a consultation.

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Our Commit to Hit™ Process is for players and parents who want to:

  • Experience the joy of great hitting
  • Learn professional hitting mechanics used by the majority of great hitters, including Ted Williams, Bryce Harper, Mookie Betts, Mike Trout, and Jose Altuve.
  • See your player’s production dramatically increase
  • Acquire a process for building and sustaining a professional swing
  • Experience something better than “lessons”

How the Program Works

No matter the starting point, The Commit to Hit™ Process is focused on producing what is most desired by baseball coaches: Hitting line drives with authority. No matter what size or talent level, we can help to maximize your players potential.

The Commit to Hit™ Process is focused on what is most desired by baseball coaches:
hitting line drives with authority. This is the first that any coach looks for in choosing a player and determining whether the player will start or sit the bench. There are many different ways to get to the ultimate goal of great hitting, and through our Swing Tune Ups, Fundamentals of Hitting, Crash Course, and Commit to Hit Provess we have options no matter your players current ability or commitment level.

The first step to help determine the best path forward to reaching your players’ goals is a consultation. The consultation takes place in TRPD’s unique training facility designed to accelerate maximum development each session. It starts with a Hittrax video analysis of the player’s swing where the player is shown how his mechanics differ from a professional swing. The player and parent are shown how and why professional mechanics are more effective and powerful, and how this is achievable by every player.

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Three Options

How the Program Works:

The Commit To Hit™ Process Course is focused on what is most desired by baseball coaches: Hitting line drives with authority. Hitting is the first thing most coaches consider when determining if a player will start or sit the bench.

The program occurs in three phases: consultation, intensive training, and ongoing support. Parents are encouraged to participate in the program with the player and attend all training sessions. This is to ensure that the parents learn and understand how to create and sustain professional hitting mechanics and their role in supporting the player during the program and thereafter.

The first few sessions involve quite of bit of teaching, so swings are limited. The player burns professional mechanics into the player’s mind and muscles by participating in hitting exercises and drills with dry swings, tee work, and live pitched balls, all with Hittrax feedback. The drills teach the parent and player exactly what professional mechanics are and how to reproduce them. The drills are reinforced at home on a nightly basis to further speed up the burn in process.

Parents and players will be prepped on how to handle the variables associated with hitting in a game situation, and given drills and processes to help the transition. Players return for a few more sessions where the process is reviewed, a before and after showing the dramatic change that has occurred, and potential limiters and solutions are discussed along with a specific drill routine. The first Swing Tune Up is schedule for a month after completion of the Process.

We are committed to the player’s success after completion of the TRPD Commit to Hit® Process. We offer levels of service to help the player maintain and improve the professional swing that he has developed.

If you or your player are interested in the Commit to Hit™ Process Course please contact us to set up a consultation.

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Swing Tune Ups are great for your player to be able to experience the joy of great hitting and increase the confidence in his hitting abilities. As with all hitting instruction at TRPD, the end goal is a repeatable professional swing accomplished with drill work and muscle memory, and a strong mental approach. These one hour sessions are for those that are looking for a quicker impact.

We have the flexibility to meet your scheduling needs, and there are multiple packages to find out what works best for you and your family. And as always, we utilize Hittrax with video feedback to ensure the best learning environment possible. Find out how much more effective this can be than a normal “hitting lesson” and allow us to help you and your player enjoy your time with baseball together.

If you or your player are interested in Swing Tune Ups, please contact us to set up a consultation.

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The Fundamentals of Baseball are for players who would like a solid foundation to build on. We cover whatever fundamental skills the player needs during these hour sessions, all within their pace. This is perfect for those players that want to make sure they are not relying on others to help them, but instead have the tools needed to succeed regardless of the coach they play for.

We have multiple levels of instruction available to meet a player where he is at. Most importantly, we keep this fun so they can continue to enjoy baseball!

If you or your player are interested in The Fundamentals of Baseball, please contact us to set up a consultation.

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