Setting Expectations for High School Baseball

charlies-swing1Most young ballplayers dream of playing at the major league level someday. Unfortunately, baseball comes to an end much quicker than most players realize. This is why learning something of value while playing baseball is so important.

In order to do this, setting expectations is very important. Correct expectations make sure that players are getting the most out of their time with baseball. Some lessons will help you run faster or hit further, while others will carry beyond the field, and teach character qualities players will want as adults. Making these expectations clear ahead of time, helps players get the most out of the experience they wish to acquire while playing.

Correct expectations are especially prevalent with high school baseball. High school baseball affords players many things:

  • A great deal of time to practice their skills
  • A great chance to bond with teammates and coaches
  • Teaches players to learn to focus on what they can control

There are also downsides to high school baseball:

  • Weak development environment
  • Coaches are understaffed and underpaid
  • Playing time can be dictated by size and speed, rather than pure ability
  • Most coaches do not have the ability to help your son get into college to play baseball

The older a player gets, the harder it becomes to play baseball and be successful on the field. With these expectations in mind, it is important for players to make sure their love for baseball is propelling them to continue the game. Nothing is worse than spending all the time required to succeed in high school, their elite baseball team or the next level, if it isn’t something they truly enjoy. However, if a player truly has the passion, the drive and an understanding of what it takes to follow their dreams, nothing can stop them.

The above thoughts are from a meeting Trent Reynolds held on March 29th with TRPD’s current 14U team to explain what expectations parents and players should possess. If you have any questions or any of these topics require further explanation, please contact  [email protected].

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