What to Expect During TRPD Elite Team Tryouts

scottl - Elite Team TryoutsWant your player to become a better hitter? Want to enjoy watching your player improve and get excited about working hard to get better? Trent Reynolds Player Development can help shape your player’s passion for baseball into an understanding that hard work in anything pays off.

Our elite development teams have one goal; develop our players into the athletes that coaches look for, and those that have the skills to earn their way into the lineup. To do this, we provide players opportunities to challenge, test and improve their skills in a competitive environment by teaching them that it’s not all about winning. All players receive equal playing time at two positions they intend on playing in high school and beyond because the only way to get better, is to practice. In addition, all of our coaches are well versed in teaching advanced hitting, fielding, and pitching techniques.

During tryouts, we look to see if players are a fit for our program. To do this, we look for the following:

  • how they react to coaches and fellow players through their body language and composure
  • not only their current skill level, but how much raw talent is there
  • overall work ethic and enjoyment of the game

Overall, our elite teams are not hard to make, but it is definitely competitive. While we look for players with strong throwing, running and hitting skills, the most important attributes we look for in a player are a great personality and attitude. We typically continue relationships with players from season to season, and generally have very low turnover.

At the end of the season, we measure success based on these factors:

  1. Did all players improve?
  2. Were all parents thrilled at season’s end?
  3. Did we have an impact on players lives that carries beyond this season?

Learn more about our elite development teams. If you or your player are interested, please contact Trent Reynolds at [email protected]

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