Learn Derek Jeter’s Hitting Mechanics

Derek Jeter, at age 40, is completing his 20th MLB season and will retire with more hits than any other player at short-stop. By combining his natural talent with an unwavering commitment to mechanics, Jeter has climbed to sixth on the all-time hits list and will enter the Hall of Fame as one of the game’s greatest players.

The following video was taken from this year’s All-Star Game, and highlights some of the fundamentals Jeter has used to collect over 3,400 hits. Among them are:

  • Keeping front elbow up and barrel below hands
  • Swinging on the path of the pitch, then level through the ball
  • Forming the “Power V” when the barrel extends toward the pitcher
  • Keeping front leg locked out, back leg bent, and back knee close to 90° at the contact point of the swing
  • Staying slightly tilted back, behind the ball, extending all the way through it

Trent Reynolds Player Development will continue to break down and analyze other professional player’s hitting mechanics in the weeks to come. Learn more about TPRD’s elite baseball programs.

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