Take Good Care of Those Arms!

Recent changes to the UIL regulations stipulate pitch counts that are certainly beneficial to players and the health of their arms. With

The Importance of Winter Prep

Winter is one of the best times to get ahead of your ‘competition’, especially if they’re not doing what they need to

Developing Mental Toughness, On and Off the Baseball Field

Success, both on the diamond and off, is often the result of how effectively we deal with adversity and stress. Few understand

Re-Educating Youth Baseball Parents

The Trent Reynolds Player Development Commit to Hitᵀᴹ Process is a unique program that offers youth, high school and college ball players improvement

Building Self-Esteem in Youth Baseball Players

Coach Justin Fultz and Trent Reynold with Commit to Hitᵀᴹ graduate Josh Weeks. The Trent Reynolds Player Development Commit to Hitᵀᴹ

Know What to Look for in a Youth Baseball Program

Parents, have you ever wondered what it takes to start grooming a good ball player? While every skill is important when it