TRPD Encourages our Baseball Players to have a Growth Mindset versus a Fixed Mindset

Think about your intelligence, talents and personality. Do you believe that you were born with these traits or are you

TRPD Now Offers a Fundamentals of Hitting Course

No matter their age or ability, Trent Reynolds Player Development can help your player achieve their baseball goals. For youth,

TRPD Elite Teams: Player Growth Trumps Winning

Everyone wants their team to win. It's part of the competitive nature of the game. Therefore, it's hard to emphasize

What to Expect During TRPD Elite Team Tryouts

Want your player to become a better hitter? Want to enjoy watching your player improve and get excited about working

Learn Derek Jeter’s Hitting Mechanics

Derek Jeter, at age 40, is completing his 20th MLB season and will retire with more hits than any other

Developing Mental Toughness, On and Off the Baseball Field

Success, both on the diamond and off, is often the result of how effectively we deal with adversity and stress.

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