Instilling Sound Process & Fun in Youth Baseball Players

justinf - fun in youth baseball playersThe Trent Reynolds Player Development Commit to Hitᵀᴹ Process is a unique program that offers youth, high school and college ball players improvement in the attributes coaches want most—hitting for average and hitting for power. While our Commit to Hitᵀᴹ Process guarantees a professional baseball swing once the player has completed the program, it also promises growth in the maturity and hitting knowledge and savvy of the player. Below, TRPD’s Commit to Hitᵀᴹ instructor, Coach Justin Fultz, shares more insight into the philosophy of the program and what to expect.

Focus on Process and Having Fun, Not Results

The focus of the program is not merely the player’s hitting mechanics, but also the person behind the player. Becoming a better person is as important as becoming a better hitter.

Through this program, we want to instill in the player what work ethic is, what work ethic means, and the importance of working hard and being committed. When players begin this process, we explain to them, it’s okay if your mechanics are not at a professional level. That’s why you’ve committed to this program.

We also emphasize to the player to not expect to acquire advanced hitting skills immediately. All that can and should be expected of a player at the beginning of the process it that he will:

1) listen to his instructor and follow his instruction

2) stay positive regardless of the short-term results

3) do the assigned homework as diligently as if his instructor was present

Our emphasis during the process is on the process, not the result. The results will and always do come if the player does the hard work necessary to acquire professional hitting mechanics.

This emphasis on the process and not the result removes unnecessary and un-useful stress from the player. Success is not based on how the player is hitting at any stage of the process, but rather on something that is in the player’s complete control—listening to and following the instructor’s instructions. And with the unnecessary stress removed, the player is more likely to focus on what matters—following and enjoying the process.

Over the years we have seen time and time again, that the players that have the most fun while in the process get the best results from it. This is because a player having fun and is focused on the process is more likely to listen to what I have to say and do the things that develop professional hitting mechanics.

Learn more about the Commit to Hitᵀᴹ Process Hitting Instruction. If you or your player are interested in the Commit to Hitᵀᴹ Process, please contact Coach Justin Fultz for more information: [email protected] or 512.970.8955.


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