TRPD is recruiting for Fall Youth and High School teams

Current Teams: 18U • 16U • 14U • 13U • 12U • 11U • 10U/9U

If you would like to come out to a practice to meet the coaches and see how we operate, or set up an individual tryout at our facility utilizing Hittrax, please let us know. This is how we do our tryouts so we can better determine if your family is a fit, and we are a fit for you as well.

Send an email to [email protected]  or call 512-413-4466 to request an individual tryout. Once offered, spots are filled on a first come first serve basis with a non-refundable deposit.

Goal of TRPD elite teams:

Use baseball to teach life lessons to help players become exceptional young men

Our teams always function under the following guiding principles:

  • TRPD teams are committed to providing players opportunities to challenge, test and improve their skills in a competitive environment (not to winning games and trophies.)
  • All players receive equal opportunity to earn playing time at up to two positions they intend on playing in high school and beyond (contingent on their commitment to and effort toward learning and mastering these positions.)
  • Where players hit in the order is completely within their control based on our TRPD Scoring System – which encourages being aggressive and hitting the ball hard
  • All coaches are well versed in advanced coaching and baseball training philosophy

Details for Fall Youth Teams:

  • Season runs mid/late August through first weekend in December
  • Practice three times a week among the following locations: Lake Travis Area, TRPD Facility, and Balcones. Football friendly so not all practices mandatory.
  • Weekly team use of Hittrax at our facility to see consistent hitting progress
  • Monthly Team Swing Tune up or Pitching Tune up to be used at your convenience
  • Two tournaments a month, one double header or hittrax tournament a month, one team bonding event a month
  • One travel tournament to focus on having a team bonding experience
  • Breaks for holidays
  • A beginning and ending evaluation with a TRPD staff member to determine hitting, pitching/throwing goals, and best positional focus for season
  • Goals developed by each player to help them become in control of their development
  • Rosters generally carry 12 players

Details for Fall High School teams:

  • Season runs mid/late August through their high school tryouts in mid January
  • Focused plan for increasing strength, speed, and arm strength
  • College preparation
  • Weekly single day double headers up to thanksgiving
  • Winter prep utilizing hittrax up through their tryouts so that all players showed up to their season in mid-season form

How We Measure Success

Did we have an impact on players lives that carries beyond this season?
Did all players improve?
Did we do what we said we were going to?
Were all parents happy at season’s end?

If you or your player are interested in getting elite development with TRPD, please contact us for more information.

[email protected] | (512) 413-4466

Helping great players become great men.