Baseball ends at some point for all, but who you become through it doesn’t.

Developing Exceptional Young Men

Trent Reynolds Player Development teaches baseball players how to become their own coaches and develop professional hitting, pitching and fielding mechanics. TRPD is similar to many baseball programs in that we focus on the game of baseball and developing competitive ballplayers. Our program is very different from others in that we use baseball to teach life lessons so that all players can become exceptional young men, and truly partner with parents to accomplish this

Our hitting instruction provides players of any age a path that fits them on their journey to a professional baseball swing. No matter if it is through a Swing Tune Up, our Fundamentals of Hitting Course, or our Commit To Hit Process, we have a starting point for all ages and abilities.

Our pitching instruction provides players of any age a path that fits them on their journey to professional pitching mechanics. All of this is done with arm health at the forefront, making sure players understand the importance of arm care, and how to maintain it.

We have been assisting hitters and pitchers of all ages throughout the Austin, Texas region to learn that they are capable of being their own coaches, and the key to improvement and what they want is their hard work. Those that grasp this, produce a dramatic breakthrough in their ability to hit and pitch, and and learn the valuable skill that anything worth having takes hard work.

The goal of TRPD elite development select teams is to use baseball as a tool to teach life lessons of hard work, goal setting, responsibility, respect, and teamwork among others. We truly partner with parents to create the best atmosphere of support, and seek to enrich relationships between parent and player beyond the field.

Through all that we do, we strive to help players reach their baseball goals, whether it be get better this season, excel at the high school level, or take their game beyond. For those with the talent and desire to play at the collegiate level, we have a process that gets rid of chance, and guarantees that those that are good enough and willing to put in the work will find a place to continue their dream.

If you or your player are interested in learning more, please contact us for more information.

Hitting:  [email protected] | (512) 970-8955

Teams/College Recruiting/Pitching:  [email protected] | (512) 413-4466

Helping great players become great men.