Here’s How to Get Started

If you or your player are interested in TRPD’s pitching and throwing instruction, please contact us to set up a consultation.

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 TRPD Pitching & Throwing Instruction

TRPD offers pitching instruction that utilizes video feedback to better help players understand how to continue to improve in a safe and effective way. Our Commit To Pitch™ Process provides players of any age a path that fits them on their journey to professional pitching mechanics. From Pitching Tune Up’s all the way to our Complete Pitcher Process, we have a starting point for all ages and abilities.

Just as we don’t give “hitting lessons”, we offer a value beyond what you will experience in a typical “pitching lesson”. We first teach players how to move efficiently with their bodies, fixing their movement deficiencies. Instead of normal sessions of just throwing using verbal cues – we create new movement patterns training the athlete to move and throw naturally. In one session with us players learn more than an entire season with others.

When moving to any of our longer courses, we incorporate an evaluation with Dr. Jordan Pellien to ensure the athlete is physically ready to safely begin a throwing program, and we tailer a program to fit their needs and goals. At conclusion of the initial sessions, continued maintenence and development occurs in our Arm Care Program.

Helping great players become great men.